Free Black-Market MFA in Creative Writing!


Okay, that was a gimmick to get attention. It isn't possible to patent, copyright, or 'black market' creative writing instruction handed down from millennia. Instead, we call ourselves the "Portable MFA" and it really 'IS FREE'. There is no website advertising, sponsors, spam or any other sell, sell, selling that you see on Facebook


Hello, I'm Butch Penton,

My retired life volunteer work is sharing my MFA in creative writing with 'advanced writers' who don't have the time or otherwise. It's absolutely free, though members have to purchase the various books required for the class [syllabus is my profile photo]. Amazon usually has great ‘used’ prices for these very popular/famous books.

We use Blackboard, the same Learning Management System as most universities use, so there are no pop-up ads, other advertisements and 'no selling' allowed.


Take a tour of our current class in session at the link below using
Login (upper left), then in the lower right: USERNAME: writerguest PASSWORD: writerguest


We are looking for 'four' writers from outside the United States with a good command of English language. In our current class, we have excellent and accomplished writers from Egypt, Japan, Bangladesh and Australia.


Our next session is titled "10 Problems for the Creative Writer" [syllabus graphic below] and starts on 14 June with two weeks between assignments.


Please extend this invitation to others and 'absolutely feel free' to teach the material to your own groups. "Spread the wealth"


I'm a retired Navy Commander flight officer and instructor (trained to teach), and became a journalist after that career. I now have an MFA in creative writing and have written three novels, many short stories and a collection of poems. My wife and I live comfortably and this is my way of giving back. I'm available 18-hours a day for help.


I hope to see you in our class(s).

Best regards, G. D. ‘Butch' Penton.


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